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"Pranam  Paryatan" is first Tourism & Travel based Quaterly Magazine of India
published from City of Nawab's LUCKNOW since 2016 in Hindi Language For
Hindi Travellar . It contains 52 pages. has been converted in multi-colour publication.
It has been awarded by Delhi Liberary bord & ministry of culture Govt Of India 2018 in the
field of Editorial & Lay-out . The circulation of Pranam  Paryatan  is 22,000
copies which is getting a positive response from the readers
of all over india . It has become more helpful in the promotion and encouraging
Indian and aborad Tourism.
PRANAM PARYATANis India's first and also world's first travel and tourism quarterly magazine in HINDI. The objective of the magazine is to provide know-how about tourism and travel
destinations,both national and international along with historical cultural and traditional facts
and information.
It is worth nothing that, hindi speaking constitute about 45% of total national tourist population,
even though there is not one travel magazine in hindi (national language of India).
'Pranam paryatan' is one such effort to serve the Hindi speaking population.
'Pranam paryatan' also provides for Indian art & culture, history, spirtuality tradition that glorifies
the rich culture of India.
The magazine’s editorial board includes national and international writers, historians & tourists,
who have contributed for succesful publishing of articles.
"PRANAM PARYATAN"-India's premium travel and culture quarterly magazine launched in 2016
by Pranam Publishing House,Lucknow under the editorship of Mr. Pradeep Srivastava.
PRANAM PARYATAN aims to promote the Hindi language,  philosophy, history, culture,
architecture, fashion, art ,literature (story & poem) and folklore in both the ancient and modern
context. It focuses on tourism of India.It is a magazine with some thing for everyone - the gourmet, the scholar, the architect.
`PRANAM PARYATAN` has provided a forum for Hindi writers , through the magazine. It has
brought  local and international writers together to foster the spirit of friendship and harmony.

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